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What is BIM?
Building information modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of developing a virtual, three-dimensional, information-rich model to design, construct, and maintain a building project. BIM is much more than software used to produce a pretty 3D graphic. Because a variety of information can be embedded into the model, BIM can also be used to manage the project’s Building Approval; construction schedule (4D); to track project costs (5D); and, once constructed, facility management (6D)

What is BBAS?
BIM Based building approval system

BIM Based Building Approval System (BBAS) is a 3D BIM consolidated Single Model (Architectural+Structural+MEP model) that can be scrutinized in the process flow and one can track the file through its tracking system.

BBAS is a GIS based 3D model approval system and it is a core system that is responsible for providing permissions with various development permits at one platform. All NOC’s (such as fire/ high-rise/environmental clearance and so on) are integrated in this BBAS system.

How Amaravati & BBAS are integrated?